Traditional vs. Modern Family

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

In today’s society, people come to realize that individualism and equality are more and more obvious and principal. As a matter of course, it becomes hard to identify the model of family, meanwhile, no matter what the families it belongs to, the traditional and the modern families have their own advantage, in my opinion, the society shaped the family structure, both of the models are important components.

According to the article named “The family in society” written by Isabella Kong, she mentioned that the traditional family in primitive Chinese society was based on farming as their major economic activity, beyond this production of type, people have to live together to manger their own land. Which can be described as a form of traditional family, Kong also said that when the change or replacement happened to the traditional family, every unit would then want to divide the land which used to belong the entire group; as a result, they could not survive as the shortage of food.

Another article” Traditional vs. Modern family”, the writer Wan L. Lam described his childhood: all his family members lived together in a big group in Hong Kong, his grandpa was the lead of the union, everyone should obey the rules without any exceptions. The time had changed because his grandpa had died, every single family moved out to a new place, some transition came up, and she said:” My mother began to work outside to support the family…  My father began to be concerned about his children and tried to communicate with us.”

Furthermore, the article entitled” Bean Paste vs. Miniskirts: Generation Gap Grows” talked about a different fact, generation gap is occurring in Hanok, south Korea, which opened its gate to westernization in the 1960s, a new wave rushed into people’s mind, this fact lead to a huge discrepancy between young and old generation. The writer Liana Salman explained some thoughts from the eldly women in Hanok, who try to express their concept. Salman mentioned a women named Choi Sam soon, she complained the young people don’t care about money, they spend all the time and always throw out things which still can use.

A recently journal named ”the concept of family” written by Thomas L. McNulty, his main idea is to let everyone remember the essence of the family structure, he said people should care more about the relationship between members, some original way can be used like traditional family model, he emphasized: ”people should jump out of the limit, of which family structure is built based on the single model, freedom and respect are both needed at the same time.”

Anyway, it is obvious that family transition is changing by the time rushing, we all know that is an improvement, which can lead us to get a better life, but there is one thing we should always remember, the structure changes beyond the people in society, it is hard to choose and justify , traditional and modern are both right answer to our society.


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